Water Management

Water features can be installed either on their own or as part of a major project. Unless properly managed, water can easily change from a sparkling asset that attracts people, into a foul-smelling eyesore that is riddled with algae, weeds and debris that may offend people, but Avonmore Associates can offer a solution that keeps your water feature crystal clear for years to come.

• Lakes, ponds and reservoir construction
• Waterfalls, weirs, bridges and jetties
• Pumping and irrigation systems
• Water supplies - private and utility
• Aeration Systems, Water features and fountains
• Desilting ponds, lakes and dredging
• Improving water pressure on site

Not only can Avonmore effectively recycle water, but they can also enhance the beauty and function of almost any setting, with an attractive water feature with optional lighting to create a truly spectacular effect, both day and night.

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